Htaccess Redirect Generator

Htaccess Redirect Generator

Create essential redirects for your website without coding knowledge.

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Effortless Website Redirects with Our Free Htaccess Redirect Generator

Whether you're restructuring your site, switching domains, or fixing broken links, managing redirects is essential for user experience and SEO success. Our Htaccess Redirect Generator takes the complexity out of creating effective .htaccess redirects, streamlining the process and preserving your hard-earned search rankings.

Key Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly Interface: No programming knowledge needed! Simply enter your old and new URLs, choose your redirect type (301, 302, etc.), and our tool generates the perfect code snippet.
  • Time-Saving: Avoid tedious manual edits and potential errors. Generate accurate .htaccess redirects in seconds.
  • SEO Protection: Preserve your search engine rankings during website transitions with seamless redirects.
  • Versatility: Manage a variety of redirect scenarios, from domain changes to individual page-level adjustments.

Why Choose Our Htaccess Redirect Generator

  • Absolutely Free: Enhance your website's functionality without any budget constraints.
  • Reliable: Generate accurate code backed by years of SEO expertise and web development knowledge.
  • Part of a Comprehensive Toolkit: Our Htaccess Redirect Generator joins a suite of powerful SEO tools designed to help you succeed online.

How to Use the Tool

  1. Enter Old and New URLs: Clearly identify the original URL and its new destination.
  2. Select Redirect Type: Choose between common redirects like 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporary).
  3. Copy and Implement: Our tool provides ready-to-use code. Paste it directly into your .htaccess file.



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